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A&D Code Name Generator

For when you want to sell $100M of assets but are stuck coming up with the perfect code name.

Choose the right plan for you

Stack leverages the latest AI technology to help you find the perfect code name for your top secret A&D project that will generate buzz around the office.


The perfect plan for your small projects. This AI won't be taking your job anytime soon but it will deliver some fancy code names.

  • Code names up to 5 words long
  • No sign up required
  • No credit card required
  • No Bitcoin required
  • Literally no reason to abstain


/ name

This is where business gets serious.

  • Code names up to 7 words long
  • Ability to reference Star Wars
  • You get to hang out with our sales crew
  • Mandatory team-building exercises

See what our customers have to say

"This code name generator has changed my company forever. Our management team was so impressed they are now looking for more assets to sell."


"Fantastic little tool. If these guys ever come up with an excuse generator, this would be a game changer for my marriage too."


"We dreamt of flying cars and hoverboards but got an AI that generates code names for A&D projects. Existential."

We're not sure who said this

"After the leak of our latest acquisition dubbed 'Caribou Disco Carnival' our competitors were lead to believe we have pivoted into wildlife preservation. 10/10"


Our solution for Virtual Data Rooms

A&D Code Name Generator might be an April Fool's joke... but Stack VDRs aren't. Find out how Stack takes the pain out of A&D for both purchaser and seller.